Ad Verlaw Advocatenkantoor is run by a number of law partners, each of whom is specialised in a particular area of law and has many years of experience at the Bar. They are assisted in the management of the firm by supporting staff and lawyer trainees.

In order to optimise our services the firm has deliberately invested in a large supporting team of secretariat staff.  Our firm has four administrative employees, including one accounts clerk. In addition, the firm continuously invests in its own documentation service, which has produced a very extensive library featuring both standard works and the most recent legal theory and jurisprudence, as well as in the permanent education of its lawyers and staff.

The firm furthermore invests in and makes use of modern equipment, technology and means of communication. As such, it is based on an efficient and well-considered structure.

The fact that we are able to deal with cases in Dutch, French and English as well as in German ensures that we can provide legal aid in a large number of cases, whether or not with international dimensions.  Thanks to its structure and organisation, aligned to the lawyers' specialisations, the firm is able to settle cases within a reasonable amount of time.

Apart from the traditional task of lawyers to provide assistance in disputes in court, the firm has ample experience in the provision of advice, negotiations, the preparation of agreements and contracts, mediation and arbitration.  After all, a problem does not necessarily mean long legal proceedings.

The chances of success and the economic aspect of legal proceedings are discussed first. During the treatment of the dossier the lawyer handling the case will keep the client informed of all developments and will remain at their disposal to provide additional explanation.