Rates and fees


The client is informed of the rates during the first consultation, so that he gains full insight into the rates charged by the firm in advance. This fits in with the firm’s method of working, according to which all aspects of the case are discussed during the first consultation. This allows us to give the client an approximate overview of the costs related to the services to be provided.

As a general rule, the firm charges different hourly rates depending on the nature of the services provided. A lump-sum or percentage-based rate can nevertheless also be applied upon agreement. Administrative and legal costs are always charged on top of the fee.

The fees and costs are charged in several stages so that you have a sound grasp of the progress of your dossier and are not surprised by an overall bill.

Upon opening of a dossier a first retaining fee will be asked. As the dossier progresses, additional interim retaining fees will be charged, but always with indication of the services provided. Upon closing of the dossier a final statement of fees and costs will be drawn up with a detailed indication of all services provided.